Paid Links vs Google Advertising

If you're looking to advertise your product on the internet the infographic below and the Fair link price calcualtor will help you pick the best strategy: Google Ads or paid links.

Paid Links sponsored link
Google Ads google ads

The price of a paid link is determined after negotiations and it depends on many factors:
traffic, audience demographics, website niche etc.

The price can be fixed for a specified duration or based on click count.

Use the Link Price Calculator for an estimation.

price Price

Google Ads is using click bidding system and pays after valid clicks.

An algorithm automatically displays the most optimal ad based on the bid amount and how suitable it is for the website visitor.

Advertisers have to find the suitable website and they'll have to make a deal with website owners.

Then they'll have to collect analytics and analize the results .

work Work involved

Advertisers register to Google Ads to set up a campaign with a certain budget.

It's recommended to ask help from a professional.

Adevertisers have to make sure that the audience of the websites where they place sponsored links is similar to their target audience.

target Targeting

Easy targeting based on demographics, interest, location and other conditions.

Google is tracking website visitors and the displayed ads are most of the time Relevant.

Links are beneficial for the advertiser's search engine ranking which brings organic traffic as well.

search engines SEO

No effect.

+ Publishers get full control on their websites.

+ Doesn't affect page performance.

+ AdBlockers can't detect it.

- Will have to keep contact with advertisers.

publishers Publisher's POV

+ It can be hard to get approved to AdSense but once approved, it's comfortable to use it.

-Google is using scripts and cookies to track website visitors which slows down the page and has a negative effect on the user experience.

-The AdSense income is unpredictible, unstable and Google keeps almost half of the income.

-AdBlockers detect Google Ads which cause -30% damage to publishers.

Website admins will be happy to add sponsored links, and will give you a better deal than Google Ads.

You'll have to negotiate the price and track the results but it will have a good impact on your SEO.

conclusion Conclusion

Use Google ads if you have a specific budget for a specific target audience,
you don't care about improving organic traffic, and
you don't want to negotiate with other website owners.

Keep in mind!

• Don't waste your budget! Whichever option you pick, always plan your advertising campaign carefully!

• Build a high quality landing page designed for maximum conversion!

• Analize the results and adjust your strategy along the way.

• While negotiating with publishers remember that they prefer much more to use direct link advertising (see reasons above).

The Fair Link Price Calculator

It helps to estimate the fair price of a sponsored link, whether you're a publisher or an advertiser.
It calculates the price of a link on a given duration, not per click.

send offer
Send Offer
i The estimated average daily traffic of the page(s) where the link will be displayed.

i Revenue per a thousand visitors. This depends on the country of the target audience, the website niche and the visibility of the link.
i How long are you planning to display the link?
i Add a discount for those who purchase more links or for a longer period.

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